Kashmiri Yoga

Also called Tandava, or the dance of Shiva, this form of yoga is based on minimal effort, spontaneous movement, a connection with space, and emotional fluidity.

There are three parts to each practical session, including both seated meditation and movement. It is a form of yoga without poses.
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Tui shou - Push hands

Tui Shou, also called "pushing hands", is used traditionally in Tai Chi and other martial arts. It promotes anchoring, listening and self-awareness in the relationship to the other and to space.

This practice helps to learn to maintain the link and movement while remaining relaxed and in balance.

The acquired principles are transposable to any situation of everyday life as well as to various bodily or therapeutic practices.
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Hang Music

The Hang is an exceptional Swiss instrument, created in the 2000s.

It produce gentle, subtle, intense and rhythmic sounds, which lead naturally to a state of relaxation.

Free of any intent, the musical experience will help you experience your body and emotions in new and unexplored ways.

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Severin Berz shares his experience, drawing on 15 years of personal exploration and therapeutic practice.

He gives us an overview of various approaches to understanding the psyche, the body, energy and the emotions.

He helps us to discover, feel, and experience the subtle and subconscious aspects of our being more vividly.
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Hang Music