Body • Energy • Alignment | Philosophy

Severin Berz accompanies you to support you and allow you to get back in sync with your body, emotional and respiratory rhythms. He helps you develop listening to yourself. And simultaneously, to turn your attention to the outside; to observe and transform your ability to be in tune with your environment. So you get to feel the cycles, resonate with the situations and people around you, to be in the right place and at the right distance which allows to be fluid with life and situations.

Severin offers personalized sessions tailored to your inner rhythms. For that, he offers you a real listening on different planes: postural, emotional, psychic and energetic, a presence with what you experience and what happens in you at every moment and a supportive and stimulating accompaniment to allow you to explore unknown areas of yourself. This work on the edge of the conscious and the unconscious will allow you to gather the different parts of yourself, to become whole, integer, aligned and conscious.

Depending on your interests and needs, your state of health and your symptoms, you will be able to choose between different kinds of support:

In private sessions, get structural support with an emphasis on the physical body through osteopatic-type work or get more global support through an exploration of perception.  

In group workshops, through a therapeutic approach centered on emotional and relational dynamics or through a meditative approach centered on the exploration of spatiality, your axis and spontaneous movement.

Severin also teaches the principles of his Body • Energy • Alignment method which can be applied as is or integrated into other therapeutic methods.
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