This age-old tradition, closely linked to the shivaism of the Indus valley, teaches a form of yoga which has now virtually disappeared. It is a practice in three parts, which unites sitting meditation with movement. It is not traditional hatha or asana based yoga.

In the first stage, the practitioner learns to meditate by allowing the body to be present in space, using gentle free and non-directed movements, which are connected to abdominal breathing, and which follow the pattern of infinity. In the second stage, the practitioner allows the arms to discover the spherical space surrounding the body, which also participates fully and fluidly. In the third stage, the practitioner stands and begins the sacred dance of Shiva, known as Tandava .

Severin Berz will give an introduction to Daniel Odier’s teachings of Kashmir Shivaism from the Kaula tradition in accordance with the transmission Daniel received from his master, the yogi Lalita Devi.
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