Severin Berz shares an innovative and particular approach to the body, emotions and vital energy. He offers deep and fine work to develop a better corporeality, acquire emotional fluidity and consciously live the subtle dimensions of life.

Through fifteen years of training, he explored different therapeutic methods in the field of body, psychology and energy. This long training course allowed him to develop a theoretical framework to model his experience and develop the beginnings of his own method.

It is through the practice of different arts: meditation, music, dance and martial arts, that he acquired the awareness of his own sensitivity and was then able to explore, develop and refine it. In each of these practices, he found the essence of the same principles and continues to live them through his regular practice in different forms and expressions. This still influences his approach to the body, emotions and movement today.

At the same time, he has also been following the Kashmiri Shivaism tradition for 20 years according to the teachings of Daniel Odier and Eric Baret. These years of practice have added a new dimension to his experience of subtle bodies and the management of emotions. The most important thing for him was to live a spirituality on a daily basis which has become the basis of his approach.

Currently, he testifies to his experience and shares the method he has developed in individual sessions, conferences and courses he leads in his studio in Switzerland and in different places of Europe, China and USA.
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