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The magic sounds of Hang

CONCERT SEVERIN BERZ, Sunday, May 12 at 18h. With its rich ranges and deep bass, this instrument allows an infinity of sounds that naturally lead us to a calm, inner relaxation.

As usual, Severin Berz offers a musical improvisation inspired by the presence of the public and makes us navigate the depths of our beings.

The Hang is an amazing instrument invented and developed in Switzerland in the 2000s, inspired by many percussion instruments from different countries and musical cultures such as Indian ghatam, steeldrum or African udu.

Concert as part of the inauguration of Espace YelemaA Vevey, 10-11-12 May 2019Rue des Bosquets 33, 2nd floor

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Inauguration of "espace Yelema"


Friday May 10th
Open doors 16h00 – 19h30
Conference by Severin Berz 20h00 – 21h30

 May 11th
Ortho-bionomy® workshop 10h00 – 11h00
Open doors 11h00 – 13h30
Conference by Sophie Mégard 14h00 – 15h30
Open doors 15h30 – 19h30
Iranian Târ concert 20h00 – 21h30

Sunday May 12th
Dance Meditation 10h00 – 11h30
Open doors 11h30 – 17h30
Hang Music concert 18h00 – 19h30

NWe open our doors to let you discover our new venue. We built it with love and natural  crafts like wood stone and clay. During the open doors the room of Espace Yelema, Severin Berz's practice room and the Espace Therapie space which are located in the same commodity will be opened to the public. During the events as the conferences, concerts, and workshops the doors will be closed at beginning of the activity. You will find the schedule of the events above.

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First meditation at espace Yelema

Small record of our first meditation evening at Espace Yelema à for the inauguration and Severin's Birthday. Un brand new wooden floor supported our 35 guests. It was 10 days ago... and yet the work goes on for us.

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Daniel Odier at "espace Yelema"

First guest at "espace Yelema": Daniel Odier sharing Tandava

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Free musical meditation evening

For the very first group meditation in the new Espace Yelema room, Severin Berz offers a meditation accompanied by the magic sounds of Hang.

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Vertical garden

This green wall will be the work of art of Espace Yelema .... in any case we hope! It will have cost us a lot of effort, sweat, hours of discussions, miles on the road to find the materials and the intervention of various trades. 

The layers of seals are numerous on the wall and in the basin, then the metal structure must be solid, because only the 2 big stones are 700 kg between them ... the wire mesh over, a tarpaulin to prevent the roots of to go further and the sphagnum modules, this fabulous moss from Chile that will feed our plants for many years. 

The plants will be planted in a short time ... you will know in pictures soon ... Thank you to all the speakers who helped us to realize this dream.

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The praxis rooms are finished !

Once the floor was laid, the cabinets were metamorphosed at once into warm and vibrant rooms. The view of the autumn forest adds to their charm. When you sit down, you can forget the big building site and the dust on the other side of the door! A big step towards the end of the works!

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Finishing materials

Clay, wood, stone - noble materials for surfaces. Gradually, since beginning of November, some areas are in the finishing phase, while in other places it is still the main work. 

It feels good to begin to perceive what it will look like in the end, to feel the finished volumes, to see appearing materials and surfaces that will be our scenery. 

A layer of 3mm of fine white clay on the walls, natural stone in the entrance and waiting rooms, oiled oak flooring in the cabinets and hall, solid wood doors, a bar in old raw wood, carved stone sinks, etc.

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So much to do before moving on to the finish!

The most frustrating phase was probably this one. Do one step after another. Before being able to close the furrows dug in the concrete there were still a thousand things to bury there. Heating pipes, electric cables and sound. At the same time it was necessary to wait until the furrows were closed to mount the remaining walls ... 

The same thing before being able to close the walls ... one had to be sure that all the switches and catches had been planned. Then it was necessary to make the cork underlay under the windows where were the radiators to be able to put the new wall heating system over. It seemed that the finishing phase was never coming!

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Steps of Constructing a Wall

The walls are composed of a structure of wooden phonic squares, wood wool (Pavatex) in the middle and fermacell to close. On the surface a layer of fine clay, with an underlay of up to 3 cm thick of raw clay on walls with wall heating. 

Our goal was to use a maximum of natural materials AND make sound walls for maximum privacy inside the rooms.

Hang Music