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Practice room finishes: end of the first step!

End of the first stage of the finalization of my practice room:

the wooden wall 😍😍

coming next:

the Japanese wall on the other wall 🤩
and the garden 🌱🌿🌿🌱🎋

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Summer sessions and new garden

I continue to welcome you for individual bodywork and global sessions in another of the practice rooms during this summer.

I can thus advance on the "interior landscape" site in my usual practice room on the veveyse side. Big change coming soon 🤩🌱🌿🎋

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WEB-concert on Youtube live

Here are some images from the backstage of the live YouTube concert hosted by the WEB-salon du Mieux-Vivre. Below the link to view the concert:

Youtube live

(To really benefit from it, get headphones or speakers)

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Re-opening and concert

Practice opening and Hang concert online and support on DireQt 

- Support on DireQt
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Séance structurelles à Macao en Chine

Un petit coup de puce à Maître Liù pour se débarrasser d'un mal de dos entre 2 sessions de Taiji de style Wu

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Body, Energy, Alignment - Interview

Body awareness, perception, emotional fluidity
Interview by GennolineTv

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Inauguration - first evening

First evening of our inauguration week-end at espace Yelema: A nice and cozy ambient during Severin Berz's conference

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Sit Down to Wellness

Another article in the new edition of City Weekend Beijing :)

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Body & Energy Alignment in Beijing

A small article in the events section of City Weekend Beijing I really like the last sentence ! :)

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Kashmiri Yoga in Beijing

Tandava workshop with the BeijingMindfullnessCenter team, it looks serious but we had a lot of fun 😂